Inventio Maris Magallanici
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'F. Magellan sits on board ship surrounded by mythological figures including Apollo with sun and lyre, Zeus on his throne of clouds, Adam and Eve, a bird carrying an elephant, a native American swallowing an arrow, and a depiction of the Tierra del Fuego. Also includes cannon, banner with the double-headed Hapsburg eagle, anchor, broken mast, navigational instruments such as armillary sphere and dividers, sea monsters, and sea nymphs.The large bird carrying the elephant represents the effort to discover a passage to the East Indies. J. van der Straet, also known as Joannes Stradanus, compiled a series of four prints under the title Americae retectio in 1592, issued in celebration of the centennial of Columbus' discovery of the New World. This image is reduced from that print. This work was published by Th. de Bry and is derived from the first part of G. Benzoni, Historia del mondo nuovo, Venice, 1565. Th. de Bry's America. Pt. 4. Latin.'
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Título Inventio Maris Magallanici
Autor Theodor de Bry
Fecha 1594
Fuente America. Pt 4.
Créditos JCB Archive of Early American Images, Brown University
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