Indi Hispanis aurum sitientibus, aurum liquefactum infundunt
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'Native Americans pour molten gold into the throats of Spaniards. In background is a scene of cannibalism. Native Americans butcher and roast limbs over a grill. Also includes dwellings, hearth, and knife.In retribution for European greed, native Americans along the coast of Panama are shown obliging the invader's craving for gold by pouring molten metal down their throats. This work was published by Theodor de Bry and is derived from the first part of Girolamo Benzoni, Historia del mondo nuovo, Venice, 1565. This image is derived from one in Benzoni. Theodor de Bry's America. Pt. 4. Latin.'
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Título Indi Hispanis aurum sitientibus, aurum liquefactum infundunt
Autor Theodor de Bry
Fecha 1594
Fuente America. Pt 4.
Créditos JCB Archive of Early American Images, Brown University
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