Portada: America. Pt 2.
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'Title page composed of a classical aedicula and populated by native Americans. At top, native American chief is attended by men who fan him and hold his robes. At bottom, a woman is carried on a litter by many men. Includes feathered headdresses, headdress made from a bird's head, skins, bow, arrow, war club, and pectoral or breastplate.This work was published by Theodor de Bry from manuscript notes and drawings made by Jacques le Moyne de Morgues, an illustrator and explorer, who sailed with René de Laudonničre on the 1564 Huguenot expedition to Florida. Laudonničre set up Fort Caroline on the St. John's River in 1564, but the settlement was destroyed by the Spanish army under Pedro Menendez de Aviles. Theodor de Bry's America. Pt. 2. German.'
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Título Portada: America. Pt 2.
Autor Theodor de Bry
Fecha 1591
Fuente America. Pt 2.
Créditos JCB Archive of Early American Images, Brown University
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