Pacos oder Amida. Ein Indianisch Schaff.
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'Alpaca or llama being led by a native American man with face stones and bow. In the background men lead llamas as pack animals. A European man rides a llama.Text concerns Schmidel's travels on the Rio de la Plata, Argentina. He describes himself as riding an Indian sheep or llama for more than forty miles once when he had an ailing foot. This is one of a series of accounts of voyages selected, edited, and translated by Levinus Hulsius and others, and known as the Erste-[XXVI] Schiffart or the Sammlung von Sechs und Zwanzig Schiffahrten.'
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Título Pacos oder Amida. Ein Indianisch Schaff.
Autor Ulrich Schmidel
Fecha 1599
Fuente Vera historia, admirandae cuiusdam nauigationis, Pt. 4.
Créditos Project Gutenberg
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