Buenas Aeres
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'View of Buenos Aires with men in the town butchering horses. Includes legless bodies hanging from a gallows, boats, settlement, dwellings, fortifications, cannons, and cooking fires. Rio de la Plata and Parana River in foreground.Text concerns Schmidel's travels on the Rio de la Plata, Argentina. This acccount is one of a series of accounts of voyages selected, edited, and translated by Levinus Hulsius and others, and known as the Erste-[XXVI] Schiffart or the Sammlung von Sechs und Zwanzig Schiffahrten.'
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Título Buenas Aeres
Autor Ulrich Schmidel
Fecha 1599
Fuente Vera historia, admirandae cuiusdam nauigationis, Pt. 4.
Créditos Project Gutenberg
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Medio Grabado
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