Olandus caravellam, & casas aedificare curat
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'Shipbuilding in Veragua. Men saw planks and construct a ship. In the background, a shipwrecked vessel lies in the ocean, men build dwellings and sow fields. Includes boat building tools such as adzes, axes, pitch cooking over a fire, cross-saw, pliers, mallet, and anvil.Members of Diego de Nicuesa's expedition to Panama were forced to build a new vessel re-using material from their ship which was wrecked under their commander, Lope de Olaño, who destroyed his fleet to keep his men from deserting while he looked for the mouth of the Veragua River. This ship was the first to be built by Europeans in the New World. The details of shipbuilding probably derive from a Flemish shipyard close at hand to the artist. This image was later modified to show Noah building the Ark. This work was published by Theodor de Bry and is derived from the first part of G. Benzoni, Historia del mondo nuovo, Venice, 1565. Theodor de Bry's America. Pt. 4. Latin.'
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Título Olandus caravellam, & casas aedificare curat
Autor Theodor de Bry
Fecha 1594
Fuente America. Pt 4.
Créditos JCB Archive of Early American Images, Brown University
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