Con Hernan Ribero en el Río de la Plata
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'Native American man and woman stand before a settlement where Europeans are being offered a feast. Includes a scene of dancing, musical instruments such as horns or trumpets, feathered headdress, baskets of fruit, dwellings, and palisade.Text concerns Schmidel's travels on the Rio de la Plata, Argentina. This acccount is one of a series of accounts of voyages selected, edited, and translated by Levinus Hulsius and others, and known as the Erste-[XXVI] Schiffart or the Sammlung von Sechs und Zwanzig Schiffahrten.'
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Título Con Hernan Ribero en el Río de la Plata
Autor Ulrich Schmidel
Fecha 1599
Fuente Vera historia, admirandae cuiusdam nauigationis, Pt. 4.
Créditos Project Gutenberg
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