Native American Village of Pomeiooc
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'Bird's-eye view of a native American village enclosed by a circular palisade of poles. Eighteen buildings made of small bent poles covered with mats and/or bark surround a central fire with native Americans (some holding rattles) gathered around it. Outside the palisade are a field of corn (maize), sunflowers, and a pond from which three figures get water.The engraving is after a watercolor by John White. Hariot's text and key identify one building as the king's dwelling and another as a temple. The pond outside the village was dug as a source for water. Platforms within the buildings may be for sleeping and /or eating. The village can be located between present-day Lake Landing and Wyesocking Bay. Theodor De Bry's America. Part I. English.'
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Título Native American Village of Pomeiooc
Autor John White, Th. De Bry
Fecha 1590
Fuente America. Pt 1.
Créditos North Carolina Collection
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Tema Imágenes de referencia
Medio Grabado
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